Qiaotou district, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Work in progress…

La pierre qui parle:

Yusuikaku, Yunlin, Taiwan.

本・品・間 (‘Ben Pin Jian’)

Where today’s objects meet timeless materials, a silent conversation grows. Stripped to their barebones shape, they discuss their presence in our world of perceptions without us usually noticing.

The list of people I would like to thank for their help and support would be very long, as taiwanese people are unbelievably kind.

I can try anyway. So I would like to express my gratitude and dedicate this work to the whole LEE family (Jamie, who sets everything in motion and helped me patiently every day, Ken, Tony, Denise, Jamie’s mother for my favorite work breakfast, Lia and Lee Chang Yu, without who this whole thing would never have happened !) and some new friends like Ken Wang, Chris&Kevin for their attentive support and hairstyle assistance, to 方櫻潔 and her amazing shop in Qiaotou, which supplied me with pretty much everything I needed, to the Yu-sui-kaku team (Jiang Gong, Sunny, Agun, Howie, Vawan, Jake, Gem/Akumi, Luis and Kyoto and especially Nien-Chen, who’s been following the work in process and often gave me great solutions!), to my fellows Zolfos Mattia, Filippo and Luisa, to ByWood crew, including TanTan, Daolin and PowPow, to the people in Ciaotou recycling place, to Olulu.