My research revolves around the idea of changing the order of things.

A few pushes can take you to uncharted territories. Changing this accepted layout leaves space to poetry, not the one told with words but the one soundless chant that strolls through stones, grass straws and (wind)drifting plastic bags.

I like to think about my art practice as some odd and daring scientific investigation.

Intrigued by the flexibility and the versatility of various materials, such as fabric, cardboard, wood or paper, my current body of work involves hand stitching and sewing which I favor for being an atavistic way of binding things together.

I’m also very found of not doing the things the way they should be done, as a challenge to established craftsmanship and a way to reveal new possibilities.Through transliteration and iconoclastic wit I experiment on techniques and various items. I’m currently busy paper making, probing books or furniture pieces.

  • 本・品・間


    Qiaotou district, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Work in progress… La pierre qui parle: Yusuikaku, Yunlin, Taiwan. 本・品・間 (‘Ben Pin Jian’) Where today’s objects meet timeless materials, a silent conversation grows. Stripped to their barebones shape, they discuss their presence in our world of perceptions without us usually noticing. The list of people I would like to thank…

  • Natural Disasters Series

    Natural Disasters Series

    Handmade paper Disastered maps from Calabria, Veneto, the World,… Each 12×12 cm (2018, ongoing).