La Fenice Gallery, April 2014.
Makeshift, stopgap, patch, mend. A temporary solution as a placebo, replacement of the tangible fragile and precarious, at times messy, botched. Almost breathe the need to remedy in a sham to more concrete manifestations, rechewing and readmitting them to the world in a whole new way.
According to this access key Nicolas Magnant, young French artist, Venetian by adoption, presents at the La Fenice Gallery his first solo exhibition, admitting us to a reinterpretation of the reality that surround us.
Through a primitive attitude, sensorial, directed to a return to the primordial, to an automatic thought linked to the senses and that escapes the reason, he introduces the viewer to works that are the result of the evocation: figures inspired by the arbitrariness of nature or emerged from collected materials, found and deteriorated objects.
His imagery is opened like a large archive that consists in fables, celestial events, from which emerges the idea of origin, in a certain sense atavistic, linking his sculptures to the first human tools or his return to the drawing cave painting revisited with markers, in a way that can remember the first drawing of childhood.
Within this vast container, all gathered materials (fabric, cardboard, canvas) are mixed and blended, as if to be preserved and cared from their own state of neglect, being reworked through different techniques, such as printing, layering, collage, printmaking.
The tracks or marks left to the observer are re-read at a later time, not as copies of tangible, but as an eidolon, a ghost, a shadow that remains in spite of the physical signs – more or less disappeared – becoming now a cardboard silhouette.
The chaotic paradox is resolved by Nicolas in his site-specific installation that, for the occasion, comes to life in the exhibition space: mixing and tying, to the artist, finally develop as premises, sorts of mantra that agree to possible translations of what we commonly consider reality.


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